The Powered Light Vehicle Manifesto has been produced by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) to set out a definitive pathway for making Britain the global leader in powered light mobility. 

MCIA is the authoritative voice of the powered light vehicle (or ‘L-Category’ sector), encompassing all mopeds, motorcycles and other powered three and light four wheeled vehicles. 

MCIA represents over 95% of the industry, including global and British heritage manufacturers like Triumph, Honda, Norton, Kawasaki and Royal Enfield. 

MCIA is driving its sector toward a sustainable future for the benefit of all. Powered light vehicles optimise energy, resource and space usage, reducing emissions and alleviating congestion. 

Powered light vehicles are a dynamic and affordable solution to a range of mobility challenges. The sector makes an immense economic contribution and has a pivotal role to play in accelerating to net zero. 

The Powered Light Vehicle Manifesto is a blueprint for the Government to harness this sector's potential for the benefit of all. 

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