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Join us in making Britain the global leader for powered light vehicles. Powered light vehicles include any powered two (mopeds and motorcycles), three or light four-wheeled vehicles (micro-cars). 

Why You Should Support The Powered Light Vehicle Manifesto

On average, there are 5,400 powered light vehicle users in each parliamentary constituency.

The Powered Light Vehicle Manifesto is a blueprint for unleashing the full potential of the sector, unlocking substantial societal, environmental and safety benefits. It presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalise the UK powered light vehicle sector, enabling Britain to reclaim its position as the global leader in powered light mobility.

For 3.5 million current users, that means fresh grants and incentives to make the vehicles we love more affordable, and a less complex, more cost-effective pathway for future users to acquire a licence.

For our 5,500 businesses, it proposes a technology neutral approach to phasing out new non zero emission vehicles, ensuring all viable emissions reducing technologies are considered.

Properly implemented, the Manifesto would add to the sector’s 58,000 jobs by restoring Britain as the home of motorcycle manufacturing and modernise vehicle regulations to drive innovation and cater for the inevitable evolution of vehicle types for the transport mix of tomorrow. 

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How To Get Involved

As a user or supporter, there are two ways you can encourage your local MP to champion making Britain the global leader in powered light mobility.  

1. Ask Your Local MP To Sign The Powered Light Vehicle Pledge

Fill out the form below and using either our supporter or business representative template, request your MP signs the Powered Light Vehicle Pledge.

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2. Show Your Support On Social Media

Encourage your local MP to sign the Powered Light Vehicle Pledge on social media. 

Find your MP on social media, then tag them in your post. 

Don't forget to use the hashtag #PoweredLightVehiclePledge and link

You can download MCIA’s Pledge Card here.